SUNDAY FEATURE: Go Creative, Go Green

It is time to step up into a conscious living but with a twist of creativity.

Nature is an oasis of tranquility, beauty and rejuvenation. It has given us uncountable gifts from its healing power to everyday goods that make our life comfortable. But what have humans done in return? Humans have looted the very life source and plundered the dexterous working mechanism of our Mother Earth.

 It is certainly the time to get into action for bringing a change. There are many remedial measures being suggested but until and unless we accept these from within us, they would hardly serve as a solution to the countless environmental catastrophes! The time for discussions is over. It is time to step up into a conscious living but with a twist of creativity.

We generally underestimate the power of creativity that can make something out of nothing. Creativity can turn a simple idea into a great novelty and a dull school routine into the best thing an educationist ever did!

It is creativity that subtly forces out of the box thinking (and to be scientifically precise it is the right side of our brain responsible for this magical skill!), thereby directing our mind into unexplored positivity and possibility. We need it in our daily attitudes, approaches, theories, campaigns and initiatives of saving environment. John Cleese, the famous English actor and comedian, had once rightly remarked that creativity is not a talent but the way of operating.

 So here are some creative, fascinating, quirky and imaginative ‘trash to treasure’ converting formulas that each and every one of us should adopt – each day every day!


When it comes to styling your rooms and lounges, the primary concern is to create an aura that is de-stressing and comforting. One thing is for sure – nothing can calm down the nerve better than the relaxing vibe of a natural theme. And what’s better about it is that you can go the DIY way, making it easy on the pocket as well as the environment. There are a plethora of things you can do with almost any disposed off material. The empty jam jars can be used for decorating your outdoors with scented candles. You can also plant some flowers in a group of bulbs and hang them on a tree in your garden or in your balcony. You can also make miniatures, photo frames and showpieces from old newspapers and cardboard for your childs room. From crockery and bathroom fittings, wooden boxes, wine bottles, tins, old magazines to the embroidery on your suits and sarees – everything can be used to do up your place in the most economical and eco friendly way.


The plastic bags and products are the worst enemies of nature all across the globe! So learn to unleash your vibrant and creative mind to make use of plastic products that would otherwise only add to the garbage heaps. The noted designer Clement had introduced stylish tote bags, made by weaving several plastic bags together, in the fashion industry long time back. Well, why can’t we make DIY products from plastic bags then? We can certainly make beautiful baskets, door mats and attractive African styled ‘Inkuku’ chairs by weaving plastic bags in a basic framework – just needs a little patience!


With increasing awareness regarding environment degradation due to unchecked human activity, the world of fashion has apparently changed its gear for the better. From international designers like Stella McCartney, Mark Liu to Desi designers and fashionistas like Sonam kapoor and Dia Mirza, all have been zealously promoting eco-friendly collections. So the next time you buy a fabric – say no to synthetics and polyester and give a thumbs up to pure fabrics like organic silk and khadi. Ask your local boutiques to use and promote organic dyes instead of chemical dyes and bleaches. Try to mix and match things. You can make a really cool outfit from your old military or floral bedsheets! It not only encourages the creativity in you but also helps in keeping the environment greener.


Before allowing good food to spoil, allow your belly to enjoy it. As they say, wasting food is like saving every dime to have a ride of hell. So even if you have leftovers and vegetables in your refrigerator, who are getting tired and old but haven’t yet given up – cook them into a delicious soup right away! You can use leftovers like herbs, pieces of meat, bits of bread, pieces of cheese and lots more. Use your magical mind to explore various recipes of soups from different leftovers or waste ingredients that have been still stocked up in your cooling box since the last weekend! It would be quite an experience.

It is time to do our bit, at individual and collective level. The GO-CREATIVE, GO-GREEN approach does not tax your resources in any way, rather encourages the creativity in you. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Almost always the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.” Only this time the minority should turn into the world majority.

Published in The Post India ( on 1/8/2020